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Attention Problems and Addiction

Posted in Featured, Mental Health

Attention problems often lead to self-medication with street drugs or through illegal prescription drug use. Adderall and Ritalin are...

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Find Help Coping with a Loved One’s Addiction

Posted in Featured, Help for Friends & Family

Addiction affects not just the addict, but also the addict’s entire family. When a family faces addiction, it is important to find...

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What If I Don’t Want to Stop Using Drugs?

Posted in Featured, Help for You

If you are struggling with drug abuse, you have likely been told you that you need to seek professional treatment in order to be happy and...

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Similarities between Behavioral and Substance Addictions

Posted in About Addiction, Drugs and Alcohol, Featured

The brain controls a wide range of basic emotional and psychological responses, and the following mental and behavioral functions are all...

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Help for Gambling Addiction and Alcoholism

Posted in Featured, Gambling Addiction

Compulsive behavior and chemical addiction are very closely related disorders. Gambling addiction and alcoholism go tragically well...

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What Causes a Food Addiction?

Posted in Eating Disorders, Featured

Any substance that is taken in excess, regardless of its harmful potential, is considered abuse. An addiction is then defined as the...

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Is Shopping Addiction an Actual Addiction?

Posted in Featured, Shopping Addiction

Certain behaviors such as thrill-seeking, sex or shopping can become every bit as controlling and destructive as chemical dependency. On a...

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Is My Loved One a Workaholic?

Posted in Featured, Work Addiction

Many behaviors can become habitualized or addictive. While drug and alcohol addiction involves both a physical and psychological...

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