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Should I Stay with My Addicted Spouse?

Should I Stay with My Addicted Spouse?

No one ever goes into a relationship expecting an addiction, but sometimes it happens. When people stars abusing drugs or alcohol there is a likely chance that they will develop a dependency or addiction. This can happen unknowingly and a spouse or partner may feel like the addiction came out of nowhere.

If a spouse wants to help the marriage, confront the addicted partner and encourage professional help. This can be done in a number of ways. Partners should communicate how an addiction hurts them and the relationship. An addiction can destroy an addict’s career, finances, health, and can even cause trouble with the law. If the addict refuses to get help, some sort of separation may be best for both individuals. By staying, the partners only further enable the addiction, which will lead to destruction of both lives. Leaving will show the addict that the matter is serious and that the addiction will not be tolerated.

When Is the Right Time to Leave an Addicted Partner?

When abuse (physical or emotional) is present in the relationship, it is time to leave, no questions asked. Children should also not be living in an unfit environment. If you have experienced any of the following symptoms, it may be time to leave your partner:

  • Abuse
  • Repeated negligence
  • Being told that you are inadequate or not good enough for your partner
  • Blaming yourself for the addiction or problems in your relationship
  • Wanting to leave, but failing to do so
  • Overcompensating for the addict, making excuses for his or her faults or lying to cover addictive behaviors

Ways to Help an Addicted Spouse

It is important for partners to understand what exactly is going on before they make their decision. They must know the following about addiction:

  • It is a disease and your partner is sick; it does not mean she is a bad person.
  • It consumes people. Addiction is an aggressive disease that will take full control of a person’s feelings, thoughts and behaviors. While under the influence the addict is not in control, the drugs are.
  • It is usually caused by an underlying issue. There are many things that influence one’s addictive behavior, which is why the addict cannot simply just quit the drug or the addiction for you, your family or even for himself.
  • There is hope. Everyday people find treatment for addiction and go on to live healthy, fulfilling, sober lives.

Addiction and Marriage Help

If you are married to an addict and are looking for help, please call our toll-free, 24 hour helpline now. Our rehab specialists can speak to you about the many treatment options for families of addiction. You and your partner are going through something extremely difficult and you must find a treatment solution that will address your recovery needs. Our rehab counselors are available right now to assist you; they would be happy to answer any questions you may have. You are not alone, we are here to bring you hope. Please call today.